Australian made potent cosmeceuticals for serious skin treatment.

dermasilk creams & lotions

The Dermasilk Creams and Lotions come in strengths of 10–20% AHA for progressive resurfacing. The creams are easy to use, and best for people with dry or normal skin. Generally no other moisturiser is required when using Dermasilk cream, and after a few applications the skin begins to feel smoother and make up goes on better. The lotions being runnier, are suitable for difficult to reach places, like the back.

dermasilk eye care complex

Eye cream for eyes is best. The pH of the product is higher for the delicate skin there, and there are extra nourishing ingredients. Pat Dermasilk Eye Care Complex gently and sparingly onto the skin around the eyes daily to strengthen and smooth eye skin.

dermasilk augmented resurfacing cream

This seriously strong AHA cream is very acidic, for eating away thickened skin like cracked heels, calluses, corns etc. Use Body Butter or Foot Care Cream on cracks to heal them first. NEVER USE ON SOFT SKIN without medical advice.

dermasilk cleanser

This cleanser has the benefits of being an alpha hydroxy acid product, but being a wash off product, it provides brief exposure to glycolic acid, ensuring a gentle start to usage. Massage a small amount of cleanser over the face into a lather then rinse off.



dermasilk resurfacing mask

This mask has 5% AHA, for deep cleansing treatments at home. It is good for oily skin or active acne in particular. The clay is beneficial because it increases the receptiveness of the skin to glycolic acid by softening the epidermal horny layer and actively making it slightly more porous.

dermasilk concentrate

Dermasilk Concentrate is a fortified treatment gel, which is partly neutralised, and is used for spot treatment. Because it has a low pH it can be drying, but it is very effective against pimples.


This gentle soothing cream contains a special variant of Vitamin E that has significant anti-inflammatory properties. It has an elegant skin feel and slips magically over the skin, taking away redness and swelling. It is wonderful for sunburn, rashes, acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, bites, and after procedures.


Vitasilk refines, softens and smooths, helps fine lines and wrinkles, sun damage and uneven skin texture & colour. It helps the skin stay soft and plump. Vitamin A also reduces dryness, dullness, and blotchiness, and assists in the minimisation of acne scarring, and helps protect against the damaging effects of heat and pollution. It improves elasticity and firmness, leaving the skin looking smoother, softer and more vibrant. It enhances the results achieved with glycolic acid formulations. Vitasilk is particularly useful on the body for dry or rough skin, having been observed to assist in the repair and normalisation of scratched and damaged skin, and is also an excellent throat cream.

age reversal eye mousse

This unique cream is created from the brilliant concept of using medical grade perfluorocarbons to deliver oxygen and cleanse of carbon dioxide.

complexion clarifying cream

This concentrated cream has been designed to improve skin pigmentation and utilises the best of nature’s own pigment inhibitors, derived from Arbutin and lotus, which inhibit several reactions in the pigment formation pathway. Complexion Clarifying Cream generally takes approximately one month for maximum effect, and continuous, though less intense use is required to maintain improvement. Some deeper pigmentation will

capillary calming cream

Capillary Calming Cream is a simple and light moisturiser with essential oils thought to be active in reducing the size and redness of capillaries. Cypress Oil is a well known vascularly active oil which soothes couperose skin, and Rose-hip and Clary Sage are healing and balancing, the combination giving an overall calming effect to flushed cheeks. This preparation can be combined with other products if required.

collagen building cream

Vitamin C builds skin collagen, which combats wrinkles and sagging. The Vitamin C we eat does not get to the skin well so we can help by applying it to the skin’s surface. Vitamin C also lightens and brightens, and promotes healing. Collagen Building Cream contains a generous percentage of Vitamin C. Collagen Building Cream helps give a healthy glow and will very gradually improve the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It also has a beneficial effect on pigmentation, and can be soothing to sunburn.

gourmet body scrubs

For an unbelievably delicious cleansing experience Gourmet Body Scrub cannot be bettered. Exotic and fascinating this deliciously fragrant gel contains the magical glycolic acid at 10 – 20 % for all body resurfacing needs, with tantalisingly abrasive particles and healing herbs. It is fabulous for skin smoothing and particularly useful for ingrown hairs and for rough spots, including backs of arms, knees etc. Dermasilk Facial Scrub is a gentler preparation with spherical polypropylene particles to exfoliate facial skin.

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